Seminar Week
Footnotes from Central Java

Seminar Week (051-0901)
Organizer: Chair of Prof. Ursprung
Lecturers: Prof. Dr. Ph. Ursprung, Prof. Dr. Alexander Lehnerer


Footnotes from Central Java

What does travel mean for architects? How does travel change our perception? How can we link seemingly discontinuous phenomena, and how can we tie together issues of architecture, urbanisms, economy, landscape, history and future? These questions do not only motivate our seminar weeks, they are also posed by a research and exhibition project, launched under the Title “The Tourist: Footnotes from Java” in the frame of Future Cities Lab 2 in Singapore by Alexander Lehnerer and Philip Ursprung. Our joint seminar week is closely related to this project. It will start in Singapore, lead us to Java, Indonesia, and back to Singapore. Sites include the little known harbor city of Semarang, the Dieng Plateau, and the booming cultural scene of Jogjakarta. We will climb the Merapi, an active volcano, follow the paths of a cigarette from the manufacture to the tobacco fields, meet with activists, pick up a 500 kg model of Merapi, visit temples and experience the complex intersection of urban and agricultural structures.

Participants must be physically fit for a strenuous nightly hike up Mount Merapi. (Four to five hours up, four hours down, departure at 1 a.m). Hiking boots, warm clothes, a rucksack and headlight or torch are necessary.

Colloqium: 8.10.2015 10 h
Location to be announced


Pass Terms:
Identity documents must be valid for at least six months.
Please pay attention to the availability of free pages.

Take care of your Luggage!!!

Travel Insurance
please check with your Health Insurance.
You must have a special Travel Insurance.
for example/online:

each student has to inform itself of the vaccination.
malaria is not required.
Hepatitis A und B is recommended.
Dr. med. Danielle Gyurech
PD Dr. med Julian Schilling
Forchstrasse 92
(near Hegibachplatz)
8008 Zürich

dengue protection:
you can buy Mosquito Protection at travel clinic:
NOBITE Skin spray (high DEET)
NOBITE Textile Spray ( kleidung einsprayen vor der reise)
Proof Mosquito net

peel it-boil it-cook it-or forget it!
drink only from closed Water bottles


Merapi tour at night temperature 14°

Rucksack (ca 25l)
Headlamp / flashlight
Walking stick
Hiking boots with good profile
Comfortable walking shoes Windbraker Jacket, light sweater
Swimming suit
Sun protection: sunscreen, hat (the Sun is very strong here)
Small Umbrella or raincover
Clothes that are lightweight / breathable but cover the shoulders and knees. (This is a mostly Muslim culture, so dress appropriately)
use synthetic clothes, polyester, dry fast with breathable texture
(transa, or cheaper at Topmarket
No need for dressy clothes.
Electrical plugs are like the ones in Europe ; in Singapore they're the 3-prong used in Britain.

PLEASE pack light! It will make it much easier to move around.


Note: On any tobacco will be charged an import tax . In Singapore , each individual Ziga - rescue wear a customs stamp . Smoking , which are controlled by non- stamped cigarettes , fined around 200 SGD per packet .
There are special provisions for imports of drugs for personal use . Persons who must take powerful drugs , require an import permit (see below link : Health Sci - ences Authority ) .
Video and audio recordings will be reviewed by the censors .
Import bans exist for :
• drugs and other narcotics
• weapons , ammunition, explosives , bulletproof clothing and handcuffs , toy weapons
• Products of protected animals and plants
• Pornographic items
• chewing Tobacco
• Chewing Gum

Caution : drug possession is strictly controlled in Singapore and punished very hard . On possession of drugs may die the death penalty be imposed .

mains voltage
Power supply: 230/240 V, 50 Hz (as in Switzerland )
Sockets / plugs : Type G ( British standard , adapter required)

Calling code: +65
emergency numbers
Police : 999
Fire brigade and ambulance: 995
Outpatient ( non-emergency ) : 131

Entry and residence:
Special legal regulations
In Singapore, detailed rules for the maintenance of public order are valid. They are based on more stringent standards and more rigid morality than in Switzerland. Offenses are systematically prosecuted and punished. Among other things, the following offenses with buses, imprisonment and / or strokes of the cane will be punished:
• Littering (incl. Cigarette butts etc.).
• Spitting, and import and sale of chewing gum.
• violation of the smoking ban: In public buildings the smoking ban also applies up to five meters in front of the inputs and outputs.
• inappropriate or immoral behavior (Outrage of Modesty). This includes verbal or physical assaults harassment by men against women, for example, Contact, which the woman has expressly agreed. Also in bars and nightclubs touches are considered inappropriate and can lead to complaints under the Act about Outrage of Modesty. Same-sex hand-payments are not longer punishable, but are generally frowned upon.
• consumption of food and drink in public transport and buildings.
• vandalism (among others applying graffiti).
• Negative statements about the government.


Sabine Sarwa
Tim Klauser