Opening of the exhibition

Organizer: Chair of Prof. Ursprung
Date: Thursday, 20 February 2014 Walk through the underground of Hönggerberg

Naples - Karlsruhe - Zurich


21 February – 11 April 2014
Hönggerberg, ETH Zurich

Opening program on Thursday, 20 February 2014:
1pm: Walk through the underground of Hönggerberg
3pm: Round-table discussion on the subject of the walk in art and architecture with Prof. Dr. Philip Ursprung (ETH Zurich), Prof. Armin Linke (HfG Karlsruhe), Prof. Michael Clegg (HfG Karlsruhe), Lorenzo Romito (Stalker) and Giulia Fiocca (Stalker)

"The Walk" is both a study and the upshot of a long-term project at the interface between photography and architecture. The point of departure for this project was an excursion to Italy in October 2012, which brought together students from the Staatliche Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe (HfG, University of Arts and Design in Karlsruhe, Germany) and the ETH Zurich in close collaboration with Italian creative professionals engaged in the cultural sector. Applying the principle that structures of public space can be laid bare by traversing an area on foot, the group walked across the outlying areas between Naples and Pompeii. As a reflection on and reaction to this walk, the students from ETH's Department of Architecture and HfG’s New Media Art & Photography Department put together an exhibition on the concept of a walk through the underground of Hönggerberg.

An exhibition by gta Exhibitions and HfG Karlsruhe, New Media Art & Photography Department in association with the chairs of Philip Ursprung (ETH Zurich), Armin Linke (HfG) and Michael Clegg (HfG). With contributions by Lisa Bergmann, Haishu Chen, Michael Clegg, Danilo Donzelli, Matteo Fraterno, Lorena Garcia Castro, Robert Hamacher, Gloria Hasnay, Alexander Jackson Wyatt, Armin Linke, Judith Milz, Wataru Murakami, Lena Rossbach, Alina Schmuch, Franca Scholz, Paulina Semkowicz, Claudia de la Torre, Maxim Weirich, Tobias Wootton, Jonas Zilius. The walk in Naples was organized and conceptually prepared by Stalker (Lorenzo Romito, Giulia Fiocca), the artist Matteo Fraterno and the cultural organisation Sudlab. The walk in Zurich was organized by the Lehrcanapé with Mathias Brühlmann and Marie-Anne Lerjen.