Organizer: Chair Prof. Ursprung
Lecturers: Dr. Emily Scott & Dr. Nina Zschocke
Time: Thursdays 16.45 - 18.15 + 3 DON 18 Lectures untill 20.00
Location: HIL E 5

This Seminar will revisit key Examples of Institutional Cririque in Art from the 1960`s to present, eager to identify their "Theeth" and to put them to work in the service of examining institutions of contemporary Art as well as Architecture. While there is an art historical basis
to the class, then, one of it aims is to evaluate current architectural production, including the often unexamined structures, superstructures, and practices by which it proceeds (e.g., juried competitions, architecture schools, "the crit" as a defining disciplinary apparatus). How do various institutions structure and delimit contemporary Art and Architecture? How might Institutional Critique take (architectural) form? And to what ends might Critique aid in redistributing the power to shape Institutions and, thus, production?

Special Events: DON18, A Series of talks by international guest speakers (Ibrahim Mahama, Christian Phillipp Müller, Hillary Mushkin, Jane Rendell, and Steve Rowell).