Integrated Discipline “Kunst- und Architekturgeschichte” (Programme Regulations 2011)

Elective Thesis (051-1209-19)
Organizer: Chair of Prof. Delbeke
Lecturers: Prof. Dr. Maarten Delbeke, Dr. habil. Berthold Hub, Dr. des. Emma Jones, Dr. Cara Rachele, Dr. Erik Wegerhoff

Integrated Discipline courses allow Bachelor’s degree students in the 2011 programme to work together with the chair of Prof. Delbeke on a research project in architectural history that relates to their studio coursework. Students in the 2017 programme should please see Focus Work. For inquiries about individual eligibility or questions on how to register for course credit, please contact the D-ARCH Study Administration Office.

The Professor Delbeke’s chair welcomes proposals for Integrated Discipline projects. We are interested in written projects (traditional research papers) as well as those that combine graphic and written work, although all studies should approach the topic of the studio course from the critical perspective of the history of art and architecture. The scope of work for each project will be determined individually.

Interested students should first discuss the project with their studio adviser and then contact the chair at the beginning of the semester to arrange a meeting (within the first three weeks, barring special circumstances). During this initial meeting the specific scope of work for the individual project will be determined and a schedule set for additional meetings, submission of the final project and the final oral examination.